Takhini Hot Springs and Real Estate in Whitehorse

Are you looking to purchase real estate in Whitehorse and want to know which area to buy in and what attractions are around, then look no further than Takhini and the Takhini hot springs.

real estate agents whitehorse,real estate in whitehorse,real estate in whitehorse yukonTakhini Hot Springs is a locally owned natural hot springs just outside the Whitehorse border. They have 2 hot pools that range in temperature and also have 80 camp sites on the grounds. The pools are set at a very comfortable 36 and 42 degrees celsius, with the water entering the pool at 47 degrees.

The water that flows into Takhini hot springs is natural mineral water from deep within the ground. The hot pools are odorless which means there is no Sulphur to stop you from having a perfectly relaxing time. The main minerals in the water are calcium, magnesium, and iron. The iron in the water gives it a red or brown color.

Besides the amazing hot springs there are also miles of trails for biking, hiking, and snowshoeing. This area is truly one of the best and most beautiful parts of the Yukon.

real estate agents whitehorse,real estate in whitehorse,real estate in whitehorse yukonNow that you’ve heard about the biggest attraction in the area, here is some Takhini hot springs real estate information if you are planning to invest in real estate in Whitehorse. Takhini hot springs has an abundance of real estate options for you to choose from such as, condos, single family homes, and vocational rental properties. Many of the properties in this area offer amazing views of the Takhini Valley and Ibex Range.

Now that you know these important things about Takhini Hot Springs and Whitehorse real estate, contact one of the best real estate agents Whitehorse, Terence Tait today!