How to have a more sustainable home in 2020.

As the effects of climate change wreak havoc in every aspect of our lives and can no longer be ignored, we have to find ways to combat this epidemic. Thankfully, this starts in your home! As much as you can argue that one household making an effort to be more environmentally friendly won’t make a difference, it will! And often these small lifestyle changes produce a domino affect among your community. Here are 5 ways to contribute to mission “there is no planet b,” and produce less of a carbon footprint on our home planet!

1 – Scrap the plastic! For many of us, plastic is a major staple in our lives, that thankfully, can be easily replaced with more sustainable alternatives. Reusable bags, washable beeswax wraps (for non-vegans) in replacement of plastic wraps, and cloth baggies can be found in virtually any grocery store. This actually will end up saving you money in the end, it just takes a little extra effort in the beginning to remember them from the trunk of your car.

2 – Pack your own water! This minor inconvenience is a major win for turtles and again, will end up saving you money.

3 – A lot of stores are switching to more sustainable cutlery alternatives, like compostable forks and napkins, but it’s always smart to bring your own straw. Whether this is an old plastic straw from your junk drawer or a pack of metal ones, any effort to bring your own utensils is a huge achievement.

4 – Cloth napkins are all the rage these days, but actually can be credited to your trend-setting Grandpa’s 100 year old handkerchief. You can make them out of old shirts and cloths, or you can just use up the ones you already have. Either way, cloth napkins are a great idea.

5 – Thrifting is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the environmental movement. By buying your clothes used, you’re protesting the damaging fast fashion craze that is finally being replaced by more sustainable alternatives. Every item you buy used is one less that has to be put in a landfill, and countless dollars saved in the process. And what’s the harm in clothing with a little love and character, it just makes it all the more cozy.

With these 5 tips in mind, you will without a doubt be the shopper to beat at every grocery store, who can proudly say they are taking steps everyday to help save the planet, and create a cleaner planet for the future generations!