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A Whitehorse company will construct a mixed-income housing project in the south end of the city’s downtown.

The Yukon Government is awarding the construction contract for a 47-unit mixed-income housing project in Whitehorse.

According to the government’s Tender Management System, Wildstone Construction of Whitehorse is getting the project at a cost of just under $16.9 million.

There were three other bidders on the project including one other local firm.

The four-story building is to be constructed at Fourth Avenue and Jeckell Street. The contract includes all site services including hard and soft landscaping.

Construction is to begin shortly and be completed by November of 2021.


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I think at some point we have all questioned our money-handling abilities, whether it be the Starbucks runs or the $300 dress that we definitely didn’t need, money is a precious resource that so many of us don’t know how to handle well (me included). Obviously when you work hard at your job you want to spoil yourself a little, and you deserve it! But sometimes it can go a little beyond that into buyers’ remorse. So, with this in mind, I have five tips for you to feel better about your finances and buying habits!

1 – While this may not be an option everyone can afford, putting aside money from every paycheck is a skill that can really pay off over time. The five dollar bills that collect in the jar on your counter can very quickly become the night out or spa day that you and your significant other direly need. There is always a little spare change to toss in, and I think you’ll be surprised by how much you save!

2 – Conscious shopping is a practice that has slowly been rising in popularity over the past years. The habit of spending just to spend is fun, but can sometimes be evident of what you are missing in your life. It might mean your need to accumulate stuff is a way of coping with the hardships of your life. Yoga, running, Zumba, or reading may feel annoying to implement into your routine at first, but will quickly pay off, and bring a lasting and more maintainable sense of joy. All this means is a little extra thought into your buying habits, with the simple question of “will this item bring meaning into my life?” If yes, go for it! But if it most likely won’t add meaning to your life, finding other sources of joy may be worth committing to.

3 – If you’re using organic, all natural soaps, detergents, sprays and home cleaning supplies it might have crossed your mind that they are mighty expensive! If you have the money, it is definitely worth the investment, as they are way better for your health. But, if you think this might weigh heavy on your wallet, there are definitely cheaper alternatives. While a tad more time consuming, making your own all natural soaps and detergents at home is a great way to save some money. A lot of recipes just need baking soda, essential oils and other basic ingredients to create your own personalized products. So, really a quick Pinterest search and a little motivation can go a long way when it comes to your home cleaning products.

4 – Workout at home! I cannot emphasize this enough. Gym memberships are one of the biggest money grabs out there, and in most cases end up barely being used. The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to work out is in your own home! Online workout videos and dance parties in your living room are completely free, and you can even do them in your pajamas.

5 – While sometimes you just need to eat out without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up, you can definitely save some precious dollars eating in. Making your own food and meal prepping can end up being a convenient way to pack lunches and prepare for days out. There are so many delicious recipes you can make easily at home, and plenty of Starbucks drinks you can recreate with the random goodies from your cupboard. It just takes a little extra effort, and the money you save will add up pretty quick.

Hopefully these 5 little tips help you out a little moving forward. I’m sure many of you are doing these already, but if you aren’t, there is no harm in some spare cash!


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All of the lights are brighter, the songs are sweeter, and Yukoners are ready to spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday craft fairs like the Spruce Bog Christmas Boutique and the 12 Days of Christmas Fireweed Community Market are up and running, Garbage Truck Santa will be out and about starting December 15th, and Shipyards and Rotary Parks are glimmering and shimmering – great news, since the sun is setting just before 4pm these days.

It’s a wonderful time of year to be in the North. As you celebrate the end of 2019 I hope that you make beautiful memories that will linger in your home all year long.

Wishing you a season filled with joy and peace,




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House affordability in Yukon is a significant concern says the author of the 2019 Yukon Living Wage Report

The Yukon Anit-poverty coalition has calculated the 2019 living wage in Whitehorse at $19.07 per hour, and says that substantial action is necessary to improve affordability for low and modest income households. Whitehorse has one of the highest living wage rates in the country, which is calculated as the hourly rate of pay required to meet a household’s basic needs, after accounting for government transfers and deductions from income. Yukon’s hourly minimum wage is just $12.71, which is $6.36/hour less than the living wage.

The report recommends ten measures to improve affordability and reduce poverty for families in the Yukon:

  • focus infrastructure investments on building new social or community housing
  • develop a low fee transit pass for low and modest income earners Measures to improve affordability by increasing incomes for low and modest income households
  • introduce a Basic Annual Income pilot that reflects the cost of living in the territory
  • implement the schedule for increasing the minimum wage as recommended by the Employment Standards Board in 2018
  • index the Yukon Child Care Benefit to inflation or child care costs
  • target the Carbon Tax Rebate to low income earners
  • enhance the Yukon Child Benefit up to $1,200 annually per child Measures to enhance data quality to improve our understanding of poverty in the Yukon
  • update the Northern Market Basket Measure for Whitehorse
  • follow the NWT example of including communities outside of Whitehorse for the Northern Market Basket Measure
  • renew and implement a Poverty Reduction Strategy with legislated targets and timelines

But there is another issue at hand: currently there are not enough lots being released by the City of Whitehorse to keep up with demand, and on top of that, these lots are being sold at high prices as a result of inflated development costs. This creates a situation where the final product is simply not affordable for the everyday home buyer. Until the supply meets demand, prices will continue to rise.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/2019-living-wage-report-yukon-1.5341937

Here is the report if you’d like to take a look yourself: https://yapc.ca/assets/files/Living_Wage_Calculation__Considerations_-_2019.pdf