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Divorce and Real Estate


Life is full of changes and surprises and divorce is one of those events that can strike a family at any given time. While divorce happens more and more all over Canada and the world, the Yukon itself is faced with one of the highest divorce rates in Canada at 59.7%. If you’re facing uncertain times due to an impending divorce, real estate will undoubtedly become a concern for you at some point. You could be left needing to find a new home in a pinch, or you could be struggling to sell your marital home in order to finalize and move on. Whatever real estate situation you find yourself in due to a divorce, I can help. The matrimonial home is often the biggest asset that will be divided during your divorce and it is especially important that you are working with a realtor who understands the legal and financial implications when this asset is listed for sale. There is a sense of urgency which is generally attached to the sale of this asset and will require an agent who is comfortable dealing with third parties like lawyers and judges. You will also require a strong negotiator with a level head to ensure that your interests in the property are protected as emotions tend to run high. I have years of real estate divorce knowledge and experience and would be more than happy to guide you through to the next phase of your life and homeownership. Give me a call today to discuss your specific needs.

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