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Lack of industrial, commercial lots frustrates Whitehorse businesses, councilors.

Lack of industrial, commercial lots frustrates Whitehorse businesses, councillors. Business owners and some Whitehorse city councillors say more needs to be done to get commercial and industrial lots onto the market. They say the shortage is holding back growth in the city. The discussion was sparked by a consultants’ report commissioned by the city on industrial and commercial property in Whitehorse. The report said that about a dozen business people who responded to a survey said they’ve been looking for land to relocate or expand their business, but that the choicesSEE DETAILS

Selling Your Home: The 11 Most Important Spots to Declutter Before the Open House.

Make no mistake about it: when you’re selling your house, potential buyers want to see everything. That means no area of your home (not even your utility closet) is safe from the gaze of a serious house hunter. That’s why it’s crucial to maximize every square inch of your place—backyard shed included—by minimizing your overall clutter. Before you can successfully show off your house to anyone (or even take listing photos) you need to ensure you have a home that people will want to live in: one that’s well organizedSEE DETAILS

Even amid pandemic, the northern housing market is hotter than ever, say Realtors.

The real estate market has an ever-rising temperature despite doomsday predictions. When Vanessa Thorson bought her duplex in Whitehorse’s Takhini neighbourhood in 2015, it cost her just $285,000. Three years later, she moved to Alberta and sold it for $305,000. But when she returned just 18 months later, in the fall of 2019, she says she was shocked. “They’re now worth $430,000?” she said. “That’s substantially more. How?” The answer is a housing market with an ever-rising temperature — despite doomsday predictions that the coronavirus would put a chill onSEE DETAILS

4 Ways to Make a Smaller Space Feel Larger.

Square footage determines how big a home is, but painting, furnishings and decorating can affect how big a home feels. Looking to make a small space feel bigger? A few simple cosmetic changes can help. Consider these four ways to make any small space in your home appear more, well, spacious. 1. Incorporate mirrors Create the illusion of expansive walls with the addition of a mirror. This elegant touch can save a room from art-overload, which happens when too much pattern and color collide in a small space. A mirror alsoSEE DETAILS

RE/MAX Canada releases insights in key global markets amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Canadian Real Estate Market Sentiment 56 per cent of Canadians who are planning to engage in the real estate market say they expect to do so within less than a yearAlmost half (44 per cent) of Canadians believe that the real estate market will bounce back to the strength it was before COVID-19 by 202129 per cent of Canadians believe that before the end of 2020, the Canadian housing market will return to its pre-pandemic strength Toronto, ON and Kelowna, BC, June 16, 2020 – Nothing is symmetrical about the effectSEE DETAILS

How Do You Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster?

Buying a home is a big investment and a huge commitment, but most homeowners will attest that the pay-off is worth the pains and strains of making those regular mortgage payments. Most people focus on their mortgage interest rate as a way of saving money (or at least, ensuring more of it goes toward your principal), but there are other ways to decrease the amount paid in interest. One way is to pay your mortgage off faster. More on that below, but let’s start with a basic mortgage 101. WhatSEE DETAILS

Canadian Real Estate and the New Mortgage Rules.

Canadian real estate has been a tough nut to crack for some homebuyers, and those with less than 20 per cent as a down payment now face another challenge, with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s (CMHC) tighter qualification rules for borrowers of high-ratio mortgages. This move is in response to the global pandemic that has left many Canadians vulnerable. The changes, which include lower debt thresholds and higher credit ratings, are in effect as of July 1, 2020. New Mortgage Qualification Rules: If you have less than 20 per cent to paySEE DETAILS

Promise in Areas of Europe, US Gives Canadian Housing Market Hope.

RE/MAX Canada releases insights in key global markets amidst the COVID-19 crisis  Canadian Real Estate Market Sentiment 56 per cent of Canadians who are planning to engage in the real estate market say they expect to do so within less than a yearAlmost half (44 per cent) of Canadians believe that the real estate market will bounce back to the strength it was before COVID-19 by 202129 per cent of Canadians believe that before the end of 2020, the Canadian housing market will return to its pre-pandemic strength Toronto, ONSEE DETAILS

Whitehorse housing project tender awarded.

A Whitehorse company will construct a mixed-income housing project in the south end of the city’s downtown. The Yukon Government is awarding the construction contract for a 47-unit mixed-income housing project in Whitehorse. According to the government’s Tender Management System, Wildstone Construction of Whitehorse is getting the project at a cost of just under $16.9 million. There were three other bidders on the project including one other local firm. The four-story building is to be constructed at Fourth Avenue and Jeckell Street. The contract includes all site services including hard andSEE DETAILS

What is the Future of Canadian Real Estate?

It seems difficult to forecast the future of the Canadian real estate market during this time. Many of us have questions about when social distancing measures will be loosened, and life will return to normal. Earlier this year the market was sizzling and in most major cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, it was a sellers’ market. Right up until early March it was projected to be a busy Spring homebuying season. Yet, things have cooled down significantly as a result of the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Many people are not sure whatSEE DETAILS

Why is Real Estate an Essential Service?

With social distancing advisories and non-essential business closures in place, many people – some realtors included – are scrutinizing whether real estate is an essential service as it has been classified in many regions across Canada and the US. Those who argue against the essential classification are coming from a good place, with hopes that more-stringent lockdowns will stop the spread of COVID-19. On the surface, shutting down such real estate services as those provided by agents, lenders, lawyers and land registry offices may seem like the sensible thing to do givenSEE DETAILS

Best Places to Live 2020: Canada Liveability Report.

Local pride will be more important than ever in restoring liveability While Canadians from coast to coast to coast isolate themselves from the many local enjoyments they derived from their neighbourhoods prior to COVID-19, their genuine love for their local community offers many glimmers of hope in the months ahead. In its latest report, RE/MAX explores some of Canada’s best places to live, what makes them so. According to a Leger survey conducted on behalf of RE/MAX prior to the outbreak, 82 per cent of Canadians say they would sacrificeSEE DETAILS

Home Security Do’s and Don’ts.

Whenever you leave your home — whether it’s for a fall vacation, the school run, or a just a long day at Costco — you want everything to be in its place when you get back. Protect yourself from theft with these do’s and don’ts of home security. DO: Lock It Down Sure, it’s home-security common sense to have locks on all exterior doors, but have you thought about other entrances? Basically, any entrance into the property should have a locking mechanism, including gates and windows. Many burglaries aren’t forced entries;SEE DETAILS

How to Be a Good Neighbour While Social Distancing.

As Covid-19 sweeps its way through our cities and neighbourhoods, we’ve also seen acts of kindness emerge in its wake. From cities and countries pulling together to weather the economic storms ahead, to online communities offering support for individuals, families, students, homeowners, renters, business owners, employees, those looking for work, and those trying to manage their day to day in this new environment. Staying connected to your community while respecting the rules of social distancing is totally possible. Here are some ideas for being a good neighbour while social distancing.SEE DETAILS


When buying or selling a home, it’s important to think big. Look beyond the home itself. What does the neighborhood have to offer? These features factor into the “livability” of a community and help contribute to a home’s appeal (translation: higher resale value). Unfortunately, livability factors are often lost among a home’s marble countertops and square footage. Livability is key to the quality of life that a home offers. Here are five amenities to consider: Green spaces & parks According to the survey for the 2019 RE/MAX Housing Market Outlook report, 59 per cent of CanadiansSEE DETAILS

Why having fun is the best thing you can do for your health.

Why do we put our happiness second? Why is it accepted in society that only after due suffering and hard work can we finally deserve joy? This misconception is completely untrue and unfair. Although life has its many struggles, joy should not be put on the bottom of your priority list. Many experts even claim that this misconception is a major reason why many people struggle to feel fulfilled in their lives. Because in the end, our life is so fleeting, your main goal really should be to live inSEE DETAILS

5 money saving tips in 2020.

I think at some point we have all questioned our money-handling abilities, whether it be the Starbucks runs or the $300 dress that we definitely didn’t need, money is a precious resource that so many of us don’t know how to handle well (me included). Obviously when you work hard at your job you want to spoil yourself a little, and you deserve it! But sometimes it can go a little beyond that into buyers’ remorse. So, with this in mind, I have five tips for you to feel betterSEE DETAILS

How to have a more sustainable home in 2020.

As the effects of climate change wreak havoc in every aspect of our lives and can no longer be ignored, we have to find ways to combat this epidemic. Thankfully, this starts in your home! As much as you can argue that one household making an effort to be more environmentally friendly won’t make a difference, it will! And often these small lifestyle changes produce a domino affect among your community. Here are 5 ways to contribute to mission “there is no planet b,” and produce less of a carbonSEE DETAILS

6 ways to make your small space feel bigger.

We have all at some time or another been faced with the struggles of living in a small space; whether it be storage, room to froclick, or the sense of claustrophobia that seems to perpetually linger. With this in mind, here are 6 tips for you to combat your tiny-home-syndrome, and create a space that is comfortable for you and your family. 1- Look into the light! More specifically, make use of the natural light in your home to create the effect of a more open space. This means pullingSEE DETAILS

Childproofing Your Home.

Years ago, you would most likely be laughed at if you asked for a toilet lock at the hardware store, or if you wanted to hire a professional babyproofer for your home. These days there is every contraption available that you can think of to help keep your toddler safe. Of course we still need to watch them with our super human hawk-eye abilities, but to make our lives a bit easier, and to keep our precious bundles safe, there are few easy and inexpensive ways to make this happenSEE DETAILS

75 Sybil Circle duplexes, officially ALL SOLD!

We are happy to announce that all duplexes at 75 Sybil Circle are now sold!  That’s right – 25 units purchased in just 9 months! We are proud to have worked with SPK Home Construction on this beautiful development, and 25 families are now excited to call Taakut’Laa Circle home.  Call today for information about upcoming projects coming available late 2020!

Christmas has arrived in the Yukon!

 All of the lights are brighter, the songs are sweeter, and Yukoners are ready to spread some holiday cheer.Holiday craft fairs like the Spruce Bog Christmas Boutique and the 12 Days of Christmas Fireweed Community Market are up and running, Garbage Truck Santa will be out and about starting December 15th, and Shipyards and Rotary Parks are glimmering and shimmering – great news, since the sun is setting just before 4pm these days.It’s a wonderful time of year to be in the North. As you celebrate the end of 2019SEE DETAILS

Customer Appreciation Night 2019

We'd like to thank everyone for coming to our Customer Appreciation Night! You voted to watch "Moana" for the family movie and "Yesterday" won the adult viewing.

2019 Riverdale Garage Sale

We had an amazing and successful time at our Garage Sale on May 8, 2018.

Housing Affordability

House affordability in Yukon is a significant concern says the author of the 2019 Yukon Living Wage ReportThe Yukon Anit-poverty coalition has calculated the 2019 living wage in Whitehorse at $19.07 per hour, and says that substantial action is necessary to improve affordability for low and modest income households. Whitehorse has one of the highest living wage rates in the country, which is calculated as the hourly rate of pay required to meet a household’s basic needs, after accounting for government transfers and deductions from income. Yukon’s hourly minimum wage is justSEE DETAILS

Yukoner Appreciation Day

Friday November 1st is once again Yukoner Appreciation Day presented by the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, and from 9am to 9pm Yukoners can take advantage of entertainment, food and beverage, and great sales put on by the 56 businesses participating. 3rd Ave at Main street will be closed for events and activities, and the City of Whitehorse has allowed free parking all day! The Passport contest is back, where you can pick up a blank passport at the main tent and then win prizes by getting stamps at participating businesses. PrizesSEE DETAILS

Calling all Yukon artists!

It was announced last week that the City of Whitehorse will spend up to $400,000 on public art in 2020, with artist’s submissions being accepted from now until February 28th of the upcoming year. Under the City’s public art policy, 1% of the capital construction cost for any city-owned public building or facility must be allocated to public artwork. Most of the art will be displayed at the City’s new operations building – where funding for this project came from, but after a vote in 2016 relating to the display ofSEE DETAILS

Riverdale Traffic Congestion.

When I first meet with someone looking to purchase a home, I always ask the same 3 questions: 1. What areas of town do you NOT want to live in, 2. What features are important in your home, 3. What is your budget. Whenever they tell me that they are not interested in the community of Riverdale, the reason is always the same – the morning rush hour. The TRAFFIC, oh goodness the TRAFFIC. Well, the City of Whitehorse seems to have heard the cries of the people, because starting onSEE DETAILS

Canadian home sales rise again in May 2019

Ottawa, ON, June 14, 2019 – Statistics released today by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales climbed further in May 2019. Highlights: National home sales rose 1.9% month-over-month (m-o-m) in May. Actual (not seasonally adjusted) activity was up 6.7% year-over-year (y-o-y). The number of newly listed homes edged back by 1.2% m-o-m. The MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) fell 0.2% m-o-m in May, the fifth straight decline. The actual (not seasonally adjusted) MLS® HPI stood 0.6% below May 2018. The actual (not seasonally adjusted) national average saleSEE DETAILS

Quarterly Forecasts

CREA Updates Resale Housing Market Forecast Ottawa, ON, June 14, 2019 – The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has updated its forecast for home sales activity via the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) Systems of Canadian real estate boards and associations in 2019 and 2020. Many of the economic fundamentals that support housing activity remain strong outside of the Prairies as well as Newfoundland and Labrador. Following the release of CREA’s previous forecast in March, population and employment growth has remained strong and the unemployment rate has fallen further. Additionally, theSEE DETAILS

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