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Crestview is located north of downtown Whitehorse. Crestview is the place to start looking if a view is important for you as it located at a higher elevation than most Whitehorse neighbourhoods. Residents of Crestview move to this area for a quieter location that is very close to natural surroundings. Surrounded by gently rolling forest the neighbourhood of Crestview is a serene place to raise your family with access to a playground, ice rink and several wooded trails to explore This picturesque rural neighbourhood is also serviced by regular public transit routes and is a neighbourhood that many will feel connected to at first glance.

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Crestview Park- Located on Rainbow Rd east of Klukshu Ave.
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North Star Mini storage Located on 27 Laberge Rd. North Star Mini-Storage is one of the few Whitehorse storage unit rental companies equipped to offer climate-controlled storage units. Our acclimatized storage units are kept at room-temperature, controlled by a boiler system. Excellent for storing antique furniture, works of art, photo albums, and other treasured items that may be more susceptible to damage in cold storage environments.

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