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Are you getting ready to relocate to the Yukon? Congratulations are in order for choosing the Wilderness City and the capital city of Yukon as your new home. Let us be the first to welcome you to Whitehorse! It’s likely that the excitement and joy of your imminent move is wearing off and that your focus has turned to your growing to-do list. We would love to help take the biggest unknown off your list and help you to find a new home for you and your family.

Pro Tips

People are generally surprised when they hear that the climate in Whitehorse is mild compared to that of other northern cities and towns. Due to the Whitehorse’s location in a valley, it is in fact the warmest city in the entire territory of the Yukon! The average yearly temperature according to the weather station at the airport is −0.1 °C (31.8 °F). Whitehorse also experiences the unique to the North phenomenon of extended daylight during the summer months. Daylight occurs in the summer months for up to 19 hours due to our northern latitude. Winter days can be quite long and dark, but Whitehorse is also known as Canada’s driest city, mainly because it lies in the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains, so if you don’t like the rain then you’re in luck! The city experiences an average annual snowfall of 145 cm (57.09 in) and 163 mm (6.4 in) of rainfall. Summers in Whitehorse are pleasant with the July average coming in at 20.6 °C (69.1 °F). It’s a great place to live if you want to avoid the scorching heat found in other Canadian cities.

Recreation is a way of life if you’re living in Whitehorse – there is so much to see outside and enjoy! The Guinness Book of World Records reports that Whitehorse is the city with the least air pollution in the world, so not getting out into that fresh air is almost a crime! During summer months you can travel to one of the hundreds of surrounding lakes, rivers, streams and even hot springs to get your water fix. There are tons of places for camping, hunting, fishing and of course exploring. There are an estimated at 850 km (528 mi) of trails in Whitehorse including sections of the Trans Canada Trail. These trails are used for a variety of non-motorized and/or motorized activities. With our proximity to the northern range of the Rockies we are blessed to be able to live an active outdoor lifestyle. The Yukon river is a very convenient and popular choice for kayaking and canoeing. During the winter Whitehorse is the host city for the annual 1,000 mile Yukon Quest sled dog race between Whitehorse and Fairbanks, Alaska. The Yukon Quest is considered one of the toughest in the world. Hunting, fishing and exploring all continue during the winter months although the means of transportation generally shift from quads and ATVs to snowmobiles and sleds to traverse the natural terrain. Whitehorse is also home to numerous sports and recreation fields. There are over 24 grass/sand/soil/ice sports surfaces, 3 baseball diamonds, the Canada Games Centre Multiplex (pools, ice rinks, fieldhouse, fitness centre, walking/running track, physiotherapy), as well as the Takhini Arena, and Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre. There are three golf courses in the city of Whitehorse. Snowboarding and skiing can be discovered at popular Mt. Sima, a privately run downhill ski resort. If you’re moving to Whitehorse to experience the great northern outdoors then get in touch with Terence now to begin your search for a home that is close to all you want!

Moving is typically a stressful experience, but with some preparation and a great team of trustworthy suppliers you can avoid some of the pitfalls that make for a less than perfect move. I am pleased to provide you with numbers and contact information for some of the local services that you will require once you settle in, as well as some of my recommendations to ensure that your purchase and move go smoothly.

Life is full of changes and surprises and divorce is one of those events that can strike a family at any given time. While divorce happens more and more all over Canada and the world, the Yukon itself is faced with one of the highest divorce rates in Canada at 59.7%. If you’re facing uncertain times due to an impending divorce, real estate will undoubtedly become a concern for you at some point. You could be left needing to find a new home in a pinch, or you could be struggling to sell your marital home in order to finalize and move on. Whatever real estate situation you find yourself in due to a divorce, I can help. The matrimonial home is often the biggest asset that will be divided during your divorce and it is especially important that you are working with a realtor who understands the legal and financial implications when this asset is listed for sale. There is a sense of urgency that is generally attached to the sale of this asset and will require an agent who is comfortable dealing with third parties like lawyers and judges. You will also require a strong negotiator with a level head to ensure that your interests in the property are protected as emotions tend to run high. I have years of real estate divorce knowledge and experience and would be more than happy to guide you through to the next phase of your life and homeownership

If you’ve been to the city before, then you already know that there is a lot to take in, especially if you aren’t familiar with our neighbourhoods. We would love the opportunity to give you a local’s take on this amazing city and help you choose a home that works for your family, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Whether you want something close to work, close to the golf course, or far away from everything – we know all the right neighbourhoods to accomplish your homeownership goals.