spring cleaning terence tait yukon

If you have seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic then you know that if you like to shop then you have to clear up your closet space with items you don’t use. Otherwise, they’re going to start falling on you! LOL Here are some ways you can clear out your precious closet space so you can make room for new wardrobe items.

1. Is there anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months to a year? This is an amazing tip to see what items you REALLY don’t wear. Place all your hangers in the wrong direction and when you wear something put it in correctly. Over time you will see what items can be donated, tossed or sold.

2. Questionable purchases. We sometimes buy things at the moment or depending on our mood. Look at the items in your closet and see which ones you think you’d buy now and which ones you won’t even put a second look at. Which items can be donated, tossed or sold?

3. Clothes have their limits, too. You may have some favourite pieces that you wear almost every day or some that you don’t use that much. If it’s too worn out, has stains, holes or any deterioration, you may want to consider to just repurpose it as a rag or recycle it into something more useful than taking up valuable closet space.