“The last time we sold a property was over 10 years ago and we never had a realtor offer so much assistance, support, and information.  We really appreciate everything you have done to make this go so smoothly.”

Shannon B

“Thank you both, so much! It’s not easy buying a home remotely. Much less in a market like the current one. I’ve appreciated your honesty and integrity along the way. We are excited to make our way over, and settle into our new home. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a home in and around Whitehorse. Appreciate everything you’ve done for us, and for entertaining the financial mindset of a Scottish and Dutch couple.”


“Heather went above and beyond my expectations every step of the way. She’s such a kind, honest, knowledgeable, understanding and nonjudgmental person to work with. An absolute pleasure. There were a few other experiences I had with people who didn’t take me seriously and blew me off and then I found Heather and she really stepped up to the plate, helped me feel heard and find the perfect home for me. I always felt important with her when other experiences had me feeling uneducated as a first time home buyer, Heather made me feel comfortable and ready to take on this amazing new step in my life. Every question I had was answered in great detail, every concern before and after purchase was answered and corrected promptly and efficiently on her end. Great service, highly recommend.”

Dorinda V

“I am so grateful to have worked with you throughout this process. It was so easy and stress free on my end so I really appreciate that! I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who is selling/buying a home.

Thank you for all the information as well as the checklist, this will be super helpful for me.”


“Hi Terence, we got the key and all seems good to go! Thanks for helping us thoroughly with getting this unit. We had a pleasant experience with your work and we appreciate your sincere support to get to this process!”

Sean Lee

“Hey Heather,

Thanks so much for all the work on your end, and helping me to make this all happen so quickly! I really appreciate your professionalism and your flexibility. It’s been a pleasure working with you.” 

Emerald Gillespie

“Thank you so much! You guys have made this a lot easier than I expected and were very helpful through this whole process.

Duncan S

“Hello Heather and Terence,

We are so happy to work with you guys. We went through all the documents and information that you emailed. Thank you for all the help to make our dream come true and looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you so much”


“First, I want to thank you for everything you do to facilitate my purchase. Your guidance and availability is very appreciated and especially doing all that from a distance. The last email was really helpful to plan the last steps of the purchase and the move.” 

Marie-Noël Bêty

“Hi Terence and Heather,

I just wanted to send you both a very delayed and quick thank you for all your work in helping us buy our new home! I know I didn’t really deal directly with either of you as Mitch handled all the communication but from my impression and from what he told me you were both always very responsive and quick to answer any questions he had or resolve any problems that arose whether it was on weekdays, weekends, or evenings.

Anyways we love our new home SO MUCH. It’s a relief to have a long term forever home that we know is 100% accessible for raising our daughter in and to have more space for all her medical and therapy equipment which will increase in quantity over the years. We can’t wait for the snow to melt to see how we’ll set up the yard (we have a friend who is a landscape architect so we’re going to see her thoughts on accessible yard ideas).

I’m sure you already have a lot of reviews on your website, but if you’d like another one feel free to send me the link and I’m happy to write one.

Thanks and take care!”